September 12, 2018 NocturnalAdmin

Shenzhen Trade Shows…

I work with Chinese factories almost daily. But to see them in action is a whole new world.



During the day I work as a designer for an electronics accessories company. Through that i was given the opportunity to travel to China. The aim was to visit our china office and also some printing and manufacturing factories.


I visited one of our main print / packaging suppliers and was given a walkthrough of his 2 factories. The huge 7 colours printing presses where breathtaking, seriously it was hard to breath from the chemicals in the air. It was impress to see that many processes such as silkscreen print and foil that i had assumed where machine controlled where completed by hand. A worker there showed me how he manually created the die-lines for the boxes. Then also created a seperate mask for any special finishes.

  • The chinese harbour a respectful culture that the west seems to have lost when it comes to business.



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