October 13, 2018 NocturnalAdmin

Cyber Punk Dreams (Hong Kong)

Growing up in the 90’s I feel inlove with cyberpunk. I loved the idea of a dystopian Neo Future. Everything from cyber enhancements to the architecture.


Recently for work I was given the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong.

It was like living my cyberpunk dreams.

A diverse city

Hong kong’s architecture is a mix of century old buildings with new tech hap-hazardly slapped on the side. Cables running everywhere Neon / LED lights on the whole sides of buidlings. It took me right back to watching my VHS copy of blade runner. a strange mix of poverty and affluence in one city. All United under vibrant lights.

A diverse people

My time in hongkong was short lived. But out of the people i met there most spoke multiple languages and 90% spoke english.

Walking the streets my eyes were drawn to the amazing colours forcing my head up to the skys.

.Hong Kong had heavy japanese car culture influence.

"The taxi’s are well looked after 80s Toyota Crowns similar to Japan."

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