January 20, 2019 NocturnalAdmin

Welcome to 2019

Welcome to the new and improved Nocturnal Site. Over the past couple years I got lazy on site development mostly because of work, but felt it was time to really showcase what I can create.

I’m exited for a lot of things this year!


2019 is the year for growth

I’ve been focusing on a number of personal goals, This website redesign being one of them.

Things i hope to include.

This will be a showcase of my design portfolio but also a place where i can hopefully get some writing done.

  • I have a number of articles in mind i’d like to get onto paper. So this will also act as a platform for that.
  • Posts about lessons i’ve learnt as a designer, Principles from books I’ve read.
  • Hopefully have a chance to document some of my work processes and event coverage with photography.

It’s an ambitious project. But so far 2019 has been super productive. Looking forward to the future.

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